Dr. Jutima presented the work on LB-PF Inconel 718 at
the 149th TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition in San Diego, CA (February 2020)

Dr. Jutima presented at the 4th ASTM Symposium on Structural Integrity of Additive Manufactured Parts,
Oxon Hill, MD (October 2019)

Palmer Frye (M.S. student), Scott Zinn (M.S. student), and Dr. Jutima attended the Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics (EO8) ASTM Committee Meeting in Houston, TX. Frye and Zinn also participated in the annual Dr. M.R. Mitchell Student Presentation Competition sponsored by EO8 Committee. (November 2019)

Palmer Frye presented a portion of his thesis work at the 30th Annual
International Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF) in Austin, TX (August 2019)

Ross Wykoff, Timothy DelCharo, and Scott Zinn, presented their undergraduate research at the 2019
Showcase of Osprey Advancements in Research and Scholarship (SOARS) at the University of North Florida
(April 2019)