Shimadzu USF-2000A is a piezoelectric ultrasonic test system that operates at a frequency of 20 kHz. It is equipped with an eddy current extensometer, and a compressed air cooling system.

The current setup is applicable for tesing with zero mean stress (R=-1) loading, and at room temperature.




    • MTS Bionix servohydraulic test system with EnviroBath*


This servohydraulic fatigue test system has an axial configuration with 25 kN load cell. It is equipped with temperature-controlled 10 liters environmental bath and stainless steel grips and fixtures.





    • Systems Integrators RBF-200 rotating-bending fatigue test system






In addition to the fatigue test systems,  a numbers of state-of-art material characterization instruments are also available through UNF’s Materials Science and Engineering Research Facility (MSERF).

    • Tescan MIRA3 scanning electron microscope
    • Tescan VEGA3 scanning electron microscope
    • Keyence VHX 6000 digital optical microscope
    • Keyence VK-X1000 laser scanning microscope
    • Shimadzu SPM 9700 scanning probe microscope
    • Shimadzu XRD 6100 X-ray diffractometer
    • Shimadzu AGS-X tabletop universal mechanical tester with 50 kN load cell and environmental chamber
    • Shimadzu HMV-G-FA microhardness tester

The complete list of the material characterization instruments available at through MSERF can be found here.

*Shared equipment